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Sunday, November 4, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Assalamualaikum CINTA :*

Bahagianya di HATI. Wink Wink :*

Awak pandang kita?

Kita tenung awak :P

Hai ALIEN ^^ . K bosan kod malam nie, numb Celcom MiJa buat hal pulak :/ . Bosan k bosan kita nie :/ . Tak tahu nak buat apa dah. Nasib baik ada blog kan kan :). Anyway, ada satu cerita best nie. Wink wink ^^. Actually, it so romantic for ME :'). For me, not you k HATERS ? HAHA. Nak story pasal proposal yang MiJa send to proposed me :'). SUMPAH! Masa tu terharu gile, sampai menangis kod. Hehe. K tak malu kan? Bwekk! Kisah pulak koi kan. Muahaha. Nak tengok tak? Taraaaaaaaa~

1st October 2012

'' Dear Nur Shahida Azlin ;)
I know you are too perfectly for me, I'm just simple KATANG guy that didn't have a wealth, smart, handsome, cute, romantic and those kind of thing :). I wonder if you like to grab my arm and be my soulmateand a person who can guarding my heart? :'). Your picture I set it on my phone, I can't be patient anymore. Hmmmm :(. Nur Shahida Azlin, would you like to be my wife as long that IHEARTYOU SO MUCH? :(. I'm sorry if my proposal didn't such like a romantic proposal and i'm sorry if I can't like those romantic person that you want :(. By the way, Nur Shahida Azlin, I Putera Mierza Azizi would like to propose you as 'MY WIFE' ! :') <-- Menangis sekejap, cengeng kan? :'). Let the sky be our witnesses, the the wind be the 'SAKSI' ! ;). I'LL LOVE YOU AND HEART YOU TILL THE REST OF MY EXTINCTION :''). ILOVEYOUSUPERBFUCKINGDAMNULTRAMUCH! :*


See, romantik kan dia? Dia lain daripada yang lain :'). Wanna know why? No way! Only me know the answer :'). I sayang you lebih SAYANG :'*. Jangan pergi dari hidup I tahukkk? Kalau tak I TAMBI you! HAHA :D

I reply it with this proposal but not at the same day :'). Read this :)

25th October 2012

'' Dear Mr.Heartbeats,
I've decided that of all the men I've ever known, you are the ONLY ONE I will love more than myself and my life :'). You may not know this, but the other time i asked you to STAY WITH ME, BE BESIDES ME and the night i put my arms around you, i meant it :). Eventhought I knew you weren't ready yet :'). God, I hope you're ready to be my SOULMATE forever and ever starting this  moment :'). BE WITH ME PUTERA MIERZA AZIZI :'). Because no matter where you go what you do, I'LL LOVE YOU every day for the rest of my life :'). So tonight, I proposed you to be my Heartbeats, Soulmate, and be with me until my last breath. Will you fill my request? :'). Let's spend the rest of OUR life together :). I want to grow old with you besides me. I can't imagine a life witout you in it :(. Having ''YOU'' by my side is what completes me :). Before I met you, i never realized how empty my life was :(. I now know that YOU&I are truly meant to be together♥.   I wish i could give you everything but i hope the happiness is enough :'). Will you give me your hand in marriage? Will you do me the honour of becoming my HUSBAND? :). Will you make me the happiest woman alive? :')

Okayy, itu lha cerita nya :). Puas dah baca? Hehe. Jangan jealous k HATERS ? ILOVEYOU PUTERA MIERZA AZIZI :'*. Muahhhhhh! :*

Sincerely : Mrs. Heartbeats

I love you with all of my heart baby ♥

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