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HAI New November♥
Thursday, November 1, 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Dengan lafaz Bismillah, Ku hulur Salam Cinta♥


You are my Love, You are my Life, You are my everything I need♥

My Heart is ONLY for you :')

ILoveYou like always. Aummm♥

Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku PADAMU♥

I'm Yours, You're Mine! :)

Dear November, please be nice to me again this year :'). Please be as Happy as in Year 2011 :'). That year, ShyJa is only 3 Months being together. It is the BEGINNING of US (The ShyJa). *Broken english puihhh ;D. But now, WE'RE BACK TO NOVEMBER ''AGAIN'' NOW :). Now, we almost 1 Year 2 Months equal to 14 MONTHS
*Huhuu.. Huhuu it's always a good time .. K sabit pulak kan. HAHA ;'D. Now, 1st day of November. Yippi, I'm so so so happy right now. Don't know why :'). Maybe OUR ANNIVERSARY is only 4 days more! :'). It is on Tuesday (06th November). We have a lot time for being together.. Texting, on the phone, MMS, dating <-- Dah jadi rutin ShyJa kot! HAHA. K kamu kamu kamu, jangan jealous yopp yopp! Bwekkk! :'P. The points is I just wanna that.. Dear Putera Mierza Azizi, I know you love me right? ONLY ''ME''! :'). Let's bring back OUR memories again? ''Together'' we'll try SAYANG :'). It is important, very important for US! :'). For OUR Heart, OUR Mind, and OUR Life :'). Remember that always alright Sayang? ILOVEYOU! Don't you worry. ILOVEYOU MORE THAN I DID BEFORE. ONLY ''YOU'' SAYANG' :'). ''YOU'' ! :'). I miss all the time when I'm with you :'(. I miss it. I miss it. I just wanna grow old with you beside me :'). Please don't leave me SAYANG :'(. I'm BEGGING :'(. I really-2 love you. I know you know how I feel about you right? SAYANG.. I've decided that of all the men I've ever known, you are the ONLY ONE I will love more than myself and my life. I'M JUSS WANNA BE WITH YOU! :'). Having ''YOU'' by my side is what completes me :). ILOVEYOU UNTIL JANNAH! :). I pray that OUR relationship till JANNAH Sayang :'). Amin..

Sepasang kekasih namanya Shyda & Mija,
Bila digabung wujud lah ShyJa,
Makanan favouritenya pula biskut Chipsmore,
Haiih, terciptalah password mereka iaitu Fifty Four :'),
*Pantun rekaan kod! HAHA. Just for fun fun ^^V


I love you with all of my heart baby ♥

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